Friday, 23 February 2018

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

In Kindergarten we are learning about making safe choices and being considerate of the needs of others.  To help encourage making safe/positive choices, many learning experiences have been explored through the book "Have You filled a Bucket Today?"
We encourage all students to express kindness and appreciation for others on a daily basis.  A question we ask on a daily basis is "How did you fill a bucket today?"

If you would like to read this book to your child and have discussions around being a bucket filler, there is a copy that you can borrow from the school library.

We encourage all learners to always try their personal best and produce work to the best of their ability.  At school, we discuss what each individual needs to be successful.  One of our class mottoes is included in the poster below:
As a learning team we cooperate and work together to achieve success.  We celebrate our differences and produce work to the best of our ability.  Each child has a range of skills and achieves success in different ways.  We would like to share a quote by Albert Einstein:

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  1. Thank youfor sharing this concept with our littlies, it's such a nice way for them to think about things :)