Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Kindergarten Early Learning Community

We hope your child has enjoyed starting Kindergarten.  It has been lovely getting to know you and your child.

Term 1 is a very busy term and we would like to remind you of some important information that we hope you'll find useful.  Please do not hesitate to ask your child's teacher should you seek any further clarification or information.

Classes in the Kindergarten Early Learning Community are named after the book ‘Josephine Wants To Dance' by Jackie French & Bruce Whatley.

The classes are:
KP – The Red Joeys – Ms Jessica Potts
KR – The Blue Joeys – Mrs Kylie Rodda
KM – The Orange Joeys – Miss Carly Mooney
KW– The Green Joeys – Miss Kate Whitford

Important Days of the Week:
Wednesday - School Banking
Friday - Library

In kindergarten we promote children to be as independent as possible. We encourage them to look after their belongings, pack their bag at the end of the day, carry their own school bag and come into the classroom independently.

When we start home reading later in the term, we also prefer students to take responsibility for bringing their home reading pouch to school each day and into the classroom by themselves.  

Your child has three eating times at school each day:
Brain Boost  10:00 am Cut up vegetable/fruit in a labelled container 
Recess – 11:00 am Small healthy snack 
Lunch –  12:45 pm Healthy lunch options 

Late arrivals: Please remember to sign your child in at the Front Office if you arrive after 9:00am. If your child is away from school please contact the Front Office through the app or by phone/email.

From 8:30am a teacher will be supervising students on the inner and in the library. Please note the play equipment is off limits before school.

We value the home and school partnership and love talking with families, however, we are unable to speak to parents/carers after 9am as teachers have full duty of care for all students. Please speak to us on the veranda after school or contact the Front Office to leave a message. Thank you for your support.

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