Friday, 18 May 2018

Maths Madness

Recently in Kindergarten we started Mini Maths. Mini Maths lessons are an exciting part of our day where we move into specially selected maths groups to do numeracy. Number concepts are a critical component of being a successful mathematician. For this reason number concepts are taught regularly and then for a chosen space of time they are also the focus for additional Mini Maths lessons.  The first number concept we explored during Mini Maths was counting collections with one to one correspondence. We refer to this as careful counting. Some children were counting small collections, groups as large as twenty or learning to count by 2's.
The content of these lessons change regularly as do the groups the students are in to reflect the skills and needs of the our little mathematicians.

During Mathematics, we have also been exploring the concept of measuring length. We use the words longer than and shorter than to compare and order objects. We have also started measuring the length of objects using informal measures such as unifix cubes. In our classroom their are some cute dinosaurs we have drawn and measured for you to check out. See some examples below.

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  1. Maths games are fun and clever. �� Well done. - Ameeta