Friday, 27 July 2018

Term 3 Overview

Term Three in a Nutshell


This term the students will continue to learn letters and sounds. As students learn new sounds in the sequence they will move on to learning more complex letter sounds and patterns. Depending on individual student progress they may be learning and reviewing; single letter sounds, digraphs, trigraphs or long vowel sounds. Students are still encouraged to hear sounds in words and use their knowledge of sounds when reading and writing.

Students will be comparing informative and imaginative texts to discover their similarities and differences. With a clear idea of the features of these texts students will be taught how to write factual texts and then be given opportunities to complete creative writing pieces.

Students will continue to learn about text decoding skills and how to use their reading friends when reading. As well as decoding skills they will be taught comprehension strategies to help them acquire a deep level of understanding of texts. Students will look closely at creating images in their mind and making text connections.


This term 'Mini Maths' lessons will continue to operate where students will learn and explore number concepts such as place value, ordering numbers and addition. These concepts are taught using a variety of different visual tools and concrete materials.

As well as number concepts students will learn about mass in measurement. They will use hefting techniques to explore the concept of heavier and lighter and use that language to make comparisons. Later in the term we will be looking at using questions to gather information and record data on picture graphs.


In Science this term students will be investigating what things are made of. They will be exploring the idea of items being natural or man made and the properties of different materials. Following this topic the students will be observing the way things move. They will have opportunities to discover that the way things move varies depending on their size and shape.


During Geography lessons we will be learning about interpreting simple pictorial representations and mapping familiar places. Students will be observing their surroundings and recording the position of things using a 'bird's eye' perspective. They will see a variety of maps of their local surroundings and be shown different keys, legends and symbols which they can then use to recreate their own maps.


This semester students will be learning how to safely handle and use Chromebooks. They will be taught about the importance caring for the computers as well as safe use of the internet, passwords and personal information. Students will have opportunities to turn on the computers, operate a touch pad and use a keyboard. They will also be learning to log-on to the Chromebooks and open tasks in the Google Classroom.


This term in visual arts students will be responding to visual artworks and will be asked to consider where and why people make artworks. This will encompass visual artworks from Australia including artworks created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Students will identify how design elements such as line, shape and colour are used in their artworks and the artworks of others.


This term for Social and Emotional Learning we will be learning about social decision-making. We will learn that social decision-making skills help us to consider the consequences of our actions for ourselves and others, and to make thoughtful, effective decisions. This involves;
  • understanding how social situations make us feel
  • considering that different choices can have positive and negative consequences

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  1. Wow! No wonder they are all so tired, that is a lot of amazing learning going on in Kindy!