Friday, 10 August 2018

Wonderful Writing

This term we have been exploring the difference between writing factual texts and imaginative texts. We have been enjoying some memorable experiences to inspire us to produce some fantastic writing pieces. Recently, we ate some delicious fruit salad and talked about some fruit facts before we read some great literature about fruit including 'Posh Pear' and 'Too Many Pears'. With our minds bursting full of ideas we then wrote our own fruit stories.

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It is marvelous to see the children using the 'bump it up wall' to visualise their writing goals and motivate themselves to improve their writing. Another writing technique the children have been using is rereading their writing and using a 'pit stop pencil' to make any edits or corrections they might require.

The teachers are delighted to work with so many wonderful writers!!


  1. This is an excellent posting. Its nice to be to able to understand and visualise what the kids are learning. Thank you
    - Ameeta

  2. What fun you guys have in Kindy!